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               Glittens - Gloves - Texting Gloves
                  SOLD OUT

   Glittens - a combination of gloves
   and mittens.  If you need to use 
   your fingers, flip the mitten flap 
   over.  Reverse the process to cover
   your fingers to keep them toasty

   The glittens are a traditional South American design and
   are available in a variety of natural Alpaca colors - white,
   tan, brown, charcoal, and black.  

   The glittens are one size and usually fit "average" adult
Price - $29.00

  Gloves - same size, styles, and colors as
  the glittens.  Price - $27.00

  Texting gloves
- tips of fingers left open
  for ease of use.  Same size, styles, and
  colors ase glittens.  Price - $25.00 

         To Order:  Call us at  812-988-7419  or Click here.

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